Tunturi trainers at the Endurance Level offer performance and functionality at the professional level. If training is an essential part of your daily life, then this is your level! Tunturi offers you the very best of what can be bought for home use and semi-commercial use. Top quality!
Trainers completely attuned to individual and personal needs. Intended particularly for the most frequent, intensive and challenging training. Trainers at the Endurance Level are used in a more proffesional environment such as in hotels or physiotherapy practices.

Fitness equipment is available in a wide range of qualities. Tunturi® home fitness equipment knows only one: the very best. Not only in parts and technology, but also in user friendliness and design. Clean Scandinavian design. Recognizable style in appealing, delightful colors. Finished with an eye for the smallest of details. Quite simply the best there is on the home fitness equipment market. The Tunturi® Endurance line is the cream of the crop.

As top pioneer in the field of fitness trainers, Tunturi® has a name to live up to. Inventor of the home fitness trainer, it owns many patents that underline the modern character of the brand.

Unique innovations in safety, comfort, motivation and effective training. Allow yourself to be advised by a certified Endurance Tunturi® dealer. With a Tunturi®, you make a conscious choice for quality, Scandinavian design and reliability.


We would like to demonstrate in a short overview what it is that makes Tunturi® unique:

A unique world class innovation by Tunturi®: T-Road™. See and experience outdoor training on an indoors Tunturi® trainer

Contemporary design
Your Tunturi® should suit your lifestyle and home interior. Tunturi® stands for eye-catching Scandinavian design with beautiful lines and colors. The expression of good taste. Details that reach beyond any other home fitness equipment brand.

Heart rate driven programs
Efficiency, but above all, safety is the essence of fitness training. Tunturi® is a top innovator in the field of heart rate measurement and control.

The true sound of silence.
Silence is the sound you want to hear when you are working out. Extensive customer research has shown that Tunturi® scores extremely high when it comes to silent use of the equipment itself. You do not want to hear distracting noise when working out; you want to be able to hear your own heartbeat.

The sheer technology and quality of its parts are often well hidden within the equipment itself. The secret of Tunturi® quality lies above all in its use of top-quality components. Only the very best materials are used; nothing is left to chance.

Tunturi® offers a great guarantee on its entire range. With the Endurance line you receive great service and a top warranty; no less than you would expect from Tunturi®. Let one of our dealers inform and convince you. Your specialty Tunturi® dealer will be more than happy to advise you.

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