New Concept trainer

New to the Tunturi® range: “Concept Trainer”


New to the Tunturi® range: “Concept Trainer”
Almere, 1st February 2009

Common in the automobile industry yet innovative in the Fitness branch! During the ISPO 2009 Tunturi will present a “Concept Trainer”, based on the latest consumer trends and the results of a large-scale consumer survey. Tunturi has developed an innovative cross trainer based on the concepts “Nature, Eco and Colour” and which has been given the following working title: Elegance”.

Tunturi “Concept Trainer”

The Tunturi brand is always recognisable by the Scandinavian design of its fitness trainers. The entire range of large-scale Tunturi fitness products has gained distinct look over the past years. A single concept for all trainers in the product range, including materials and distinctive use of colour.

Scandinavian design is admired around the world for its beautiful flowing lines in combination with the conscious use of natural materials and colours. This is particularly important as consumer surveys have indicated that a fitness trainer for home use must be a true “master piece”. While developing the new “Concept Trainer”, the designers have allowed themselves to be inspired by the basic elements of the Tunturi mood boards “Nature, Eco and Colour”.

The details of the product are truly unique:

– Wooden pedals inlaid with a design of a variety of different materials.
– The monitor features unique details in a combination of wood and glass elements.
– Unique design is in line with the latest trends for colour on the front extension of the product and the protective covers.
– The pronounced colours deep aubergine and pearl white give the “Concept Trainer” a particularly elegant and glamorous character.

New concepts:

With this “Concept Trainer” Tunturi intends to illustrate that innovation is in its genes. Not only for technology, but also for design. Just as in the automobile industry, the “Concept Trainer” will form the basis of a new line of fitness trainers for home use. The “Concept Trainer” is particularly intended as a Design statement appropriate to the Tunturi brand.

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