Tunturi platinum

Tunturi heeft onlangs een nieuwe lijn fitness apparaten uitgebracht. De Platinum by Tunturi serie.

Deze serie fitness apparaten staan garant voor een ongekende kwaliteit en een zeer gebruiksvriendelijke monitor.


‘Platinum by Tunturi’, de nieuwe generatie fitnessapparatuur voor de professionele markt, is de absolute top op het gebied van prestaties en ontwerp. Tunturi is sinds 1971 gespecialiseerd in fitness en de ontwikkeling van trainingsprogramma’s. Met Platinum by Tunturi richten wij ons op de sterk groeiende marktvraag in de professionele markt. Platinum by Tunturi is een nieuwe lijn voor gebruik in de professionele omgeving, zoals in hotels, fitnesscentra, bij fysiotherapeuten, in scholen, bedrijfssportfaciliteiten en universiteiten. Het gaat om nieuwe fitnesstoestellen met de bekende Tunturi kwaliteit in betrouwbaarheid, functionaliteit en design. Dat laatste valt direct op dankzij de prachtige ontwerpen, kleuren en materialen. Platinum by Tunturi – de naam zegt het al: een bijzondere combinatie van aantrekkelijkheid en duurzaamheid in hometrainers, crosstrainers en loopbanden

Wat moet u weten als u een crosstrainer kopen

New Tunturi T80

The console provides the user with many challenging programmes and
functions. With a beautiful design, a powerful motor and an angle of
elevation up to no less than 12%, this treadmill is recommended for
intensive use. Convenient and easy to fold.

– PSC Function: Automatically adjusts speed with the user’s pace.
– Soft-drop system is unique for a running belt of this size.
– Graphic display of speed, running elevation or heart rate curve.
– Very robust, quiet and reliable motor.
– T-Flex™ for unique shock absorption loopband

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Tunturi collection restyling complete-presentation of the international collection at ISPO 2009 in Munich


Tunturi collection restyling complete – presentation of the international collection at ISPO 2009 in Munich
Almere, 1 February 2009

Over the past few years, the entire Tunturi collection has been given a complete makeover, so that all aspects of the latest techniques, user-friendly monitors, down to the finest of details have been fully scrutinized. Ergonomics meet design. Functionality at the service of the user.

The new international collection is traditionally presented to retail partners, dealers and the many globally operating distributors during ISPO in Munich. The important brand value “Scandinavian design” continues to be a characteristic of the new international collection. Tunturi, originally a Finnish company, is synonymous with the elegant combination of natural colours, smooth lines and many uniquely – especially for Tunturi – designed parts.

Making news at ISPO 2009 are:

1) presentation of no less than three trainers under the “Compact Design”
2) two completely updated Tunturi recumbents
3) the renewed Tunturi treadmills collection

Tunturi monitors: user-friendly and optimal functionality

Tunturi has distinguished itself for many years with its recognisable Scandinavian design and user-friendly monitors. Monitors that are operated easily with only a few buttons and a selection wheel. This monitor and console functionality applies to the entire Tunturi product range. Consumers who purchase several Tunturi products will have no difficulty using the monitors on the different trainers as the functionality is essentially the same!

New trend: Compact Design


Compact trainers are extremely popular among consumers. Extensive market research has indicated a growing demand for compact trainers. Consumers often do not have a separate area, or simply insufficient space for fitness equipment at home. The trainer must be portable and take up as little space as possible. With the introduction of the “Compact Design” models, Tunturi has consciously chosen to simplify the monitors to fully optimise user-friendliness. Research also showed that – similar to mobile phones – only a small number of the many fitness and training programmes are actually used. The Tunturi monitors on the R25, F20 and F30 are solely equipped with programmes that are actually used by novice fitness enthusiasts.

New to the range: Tunturi F30

The successful introduction of the F20 has led to the introduction of a second model: the F30. In addition to compact design and its no-nonsense monitor, this model distinguishes itself through its horizontal saddle adjustment. Optimal ergonomics at the service of the user.

For product information and specifications we refer you to the press release ““Compact, conceptual, comfortable – Tunturi’s F30, F20 and R25”

New range of Tunturi recumbents


The new 2009/2010 Tunturi range consists of two recumbents; the E60R and the F30R. These recumbents are both equipped with a new monitor, the new back support made from comfortable, breathing mesh material and aluminium rails. The ergonomics of a recumbent are particularly vital as it must offer a perfect combination of 100% effectiveness and optimal training comfort.

For product information and specifications we refer you to the press release regarding “Ergonomics, functionality and Scandinavian design are the key principles of the new Tunturi recumbents”

Successful introduction of the T30 and T40 is followed by the new T50, T70 and T80!

The T30 and T40 treadmills introduced at ISPO 2008 were very well received by the market. The innovative console, with only a few buttons and a selection wheel, was judged “innovative and functional” by the market and consumers. The new treadmill consoles are just as easy to operate as the Tunturi monitors found on the exercise bikes and cross trainers.


Delightful design in beautiful Midnight Blue, with smooth lines that are so characteristic of Tunturi. The Tunturi top-of-the-range models are the showpiece of the Tunturi design team. Attention is paid to the finest of details, without losing sight of functionality. Unique to these top-of-the-range models is the new soft-drop system, so that the running mat gently kisses the floor, as it were, when folded open. Given the size of the trainer, this is unique for the Tunturi T70 and T80. The ergonomically formed hand grips allow users the freedom to make the most of the broad running mat. Another significant feature… due to the unique manner in which the running mat is lubricated, the new top-of-the-range models are particularly easy to maintain.

For product information and specifications we refer you to the press release “Introduction of Tunturi T70 and T80 treadmills completes product line-up”.

New Concept trainer

New to the Tunturi® range: “Concept Trainer”


New to the Tunturi® range: “Concept Trainer”
Almere, 1st February 2009

Common in the automobile industry yet innovative in the Fitness branch! During the ISPO 2009 Tunturi will present a “Concept Trainer”, based on the latest consumer trends and the results of a large-scale consumer survey. Tunturi has developed an innovative cross trainer based on the concepts “Nature, Eco and Colour” and which has been given the following working title: Elegance”.

Tunturi “Concept Trainer”

The Tunturi brand is always recognisable by the Scandinavian design of its fitness trainers. The entire range of large-scale Tunturi fitness products has gained distinct look over the past years. A single concept for all trainers in the product range, including materials and distinctive use of colour.

Scandinavian design is admired around the world for its beautiful flowing lines in combination with the conscious use of natural materials and colours. This is particularly important as consumer surveys have indicated that a fitness trainer for home use must be a true “master piece”. While developing the new “Concept Trainer”, the designers have allowed themselves to be inspired by the basic elements of the Tunturi mood boards “Nature, Eco and Colour”.

The details of the product are truly unique:

– Wooden pedals inlaid with a design of a variety of different materials.
– The monitor features unique details in a combination of wood and glass elements.
– Unique design is in line with the latest trends for colour on the front extension of the product and the protective covers.
– The pronounced colours deep aubergine and pearl white give the “Concept Trainer” a particularly elegant and glamorous character.

New concepts:

With this “Concept Trainer” Tunturi intends to illustrate that innovation is in its genes. Not only for technology, but also for design. Just as in the automobile industry, the “Concept Trainer” will form the basis of a new line of fitness trainers for home use. The “Concept Trainer” is particularly intended as a Design statement appropriate to the Tunturi brand.


Tunturi trainers at the Endurance Level offer performance and functionality at the professional level. If training is an essential part of your daily life, then this is your level! Tunturi offers you the very best of what can be bought for home use and semi-commercial use. Top quality!
Trainers completely attuned to individual and personal needs. Intended particularly for the most frequent, intensive and challenging training. Trainers at the Endurance Level are used in a more proffesional environment such as in hotels or physiotherapy practices.

Fitness equipment is available in a wide range of qualities. Tunturi® home fitness equipment knows only one: the very best. Not only in parts and technology, but also in user friendliness and design. Clean Scandinavian design. Recognizable style in appealing, delightful colors. Finished with an eye for the smallest of details. Quite simply the best there is on the home fitness equipment market. The Tunturi® Endurance line is the cream of the crop.

As top pioneer in the field of fitness trainers, Tunturi® has a name to live up to. Inventor of the home fitness trainer, it owns many patents that underline the modern character of the brand.

Unique innovations in safety, comfort, motivation and effective training. Allow yourself to be advised by a certified Endurance Tunturi® dealer. With a Tunturi®, you make a conscious choice for quality, Scandinavian design and reliability.


We would like to demonstrate in a short overview what it is that makes Tunturi® unique:

A unique world class innovation by Tunturi®: T-Road™. See and experience outdoor training on an indoors Tunturi® trainer

Contemporary design
Your Tunturi® should suit your lifestyle and home interior. Tunturi® stands for eye-catching Scandinavian design with beautiful lines and colors. The expression of good taste. Details that reach beyond any other home fitness equipment brand.

Heart rate driven programs
Efficiency, but above all, safety is the essence of fitness training. Tunturi® is a top innovator in the field of heart rate measurement and control.

The true sound of silence.
Silence is the sound you want to hear when you are working out. Extensive customer research has shown that Tunturi® scores extremely high when it comes to silent use of the equipment itself. You do not want to hear distracting noise when working out; you want to be able to hear your own heartbeat.

The sheer technology and quality of its parts are often well hidden within the equipment itself. The secret of Tunturi® quality lies above all in its use of top-quality components. Only the very best materials are used; nothing is left to chance.

Tunturi® offers a great guarantee on its entire range. With the Endurance line you receive great service and a top warranty; no less than you would expect from Tunturi®. Let one of our dealers inform and convince you. Your specialty Tunturi® dealer will be more than happy to advise you.


Tunturi fitnessapparatuur is sold world-wide in more than 40 countries. Tunturi’s unique selling points include the use of the very best quality components and construction, dinstinctive Scandinavian design and remarkable innovations and ergonomically accurate design. Unique are the true innovations like PSC, T-Road and T-Ride, some of the many patented hard- and software features. These innovations ensure the ability to give every user versatile training options. Platinum

Tunturi is a brand with the ultimate product – better, healthier life for everyone. Tunturi is also a brand working in the high profile and hugely important market: wellness, feeling and looking good, living longer and growing older graciously.

Tunturi offers most advanced and motivating fitness equipment available. Tunturi is not only one of the globally best-known and leading fitness brands; it is actually the very origin of the fitness industry!
Legendary Tunturi W1 ergometer was introduced in 1969, which led the way to the indoor fitness industry as we know it today. Ever since, Tunturi has been a pioneer in fitness solutions often with unique patented features for more effective, motivating and safe training.

The people behind our brand are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals always striving together to achieve their goal; providing our customers the very best Tunturi ever! As a result the Tunturi brand is appreciated and loved by tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The tunturi brand is a lifestyle choice that achieves results with style and quality.

What does Tunturi do?
Tunturi researches, develops and manufactures high-quality fitness equipment and bicycles. The brand has unique features and uses innovative Scandinavian design. In bicycles the Tunturi brand is the market leader in Finland; in fitness Tunturi is the premier fitness equipment brand for homeuse throughout the world.

Tunturi’s vision of fitness equipment is that it should be a daily companion to life, a natural element of everyone’s home and working environment. Design is an essential and fundamental feature for Tunturi – every Tunturi is a lifestyle product in the true sense of the word, a fine functional piece of art suitable width=100% for even the most style-conscious home décor. The look and fees is refined and approachable. Tunturi design encompasses internal technology as well as external looks and combines functionality with patented and leading edge technology. Durability, smooth and silent operation are the basic Tunturi features, every detail is carefully designed with the user in mind. Thanks to the excellent user ergonomics, it is possible to enjoy natural and safe exercising with all Tunturi equipment. Tunturi is truly a great wellness product.

History of Tunturi

Tunturi’s rich history started way back in the year 1922. The foundations of the Tunturi brand were laid when the Harkke brothers set up a small cycle shop in Turku, Finland. Cycle repairs were the shop’s main activity at first, but some small-scale production was also carried out. The brothers then began to manufacture Tunturi bicycles on a larger scale, at first under license. The name Tunturi is quite unusual, but it is the Finnish word for “Highland”. It was highly successful; within just a few years the small shop was exchanged for a factory that was extremely modern for its time. It is an interesting fact that in the 1950s the Tunturi brand was market leader in mopeds.
It was from this technology and expertise gained from bicycle production that Tunturi went on to invest strongly in fitness equipment product development. Tunturi recognised the importance of healthy living and fitness as an important basis for the future. In the 1970s, Tunturi became recognised internationally as an influential producer of fitness equipment.

With the success of its fitness equipment, Tunturi became a strong and internationally oriented organisation. The Tunturi brand was at that point being sold all over the world.

In the 1990s, an important strategic decision was made to focus on the production of Tunturi fitness products and Tunturi cycles. This decision was important for the further development of the brand. Tunturi is now a well-known concept in Scandinavian countries and Tunturi trainers are sold in over 40 countries all over the world.

In 2003, Tunturi Oy Ltd was taken over by the Accell Group, Europe’s largest organisation producing and selling bicycles and fitness equipment, including well-known brands such as Koga Miyata, Batavus, Lapierre, Winora and Red Line. Tunturi’s takeover by the Accell Group is a guarantee for the future!

Tunturi Unique – Fitness test

Getting started is the hardest part, particularly if you want to train regularly. There are great benefits in training at home, but you also want to train safely, see quick results and you want to stay motivated! We can say in all conscience that Tunturi is your “personal trainer”. Most Tunturi trainers feature extremely accurate heart rate controlled programmes and equally importantly, an accurate Fitness Test.

Tunturi will always advise you to start by running through the Tunturi Fitness Test. This accurate test – a standard feature of the 40-level and above displays – is your point of reference. You simply enter your key details such as sex, age and weight and then follow the programme. The Fitness Test will determine your physical condition. The advanced Tunturi display software will then help you to run through your training programmes. The level of training exercise is precisely tuned to the user, so you will never exercise above or below your level. This is essential if you want to exercise efficiently. In brief, Tunturi is your personal trainer who will guide you in improving your physical condition gradually and safely. You can see the results after each training session! If you want to train using heart rate controlled programmes as well, Tunturi is the best you can buy on the home fitness market. Years of experience went into these programmes, Tunturi is and will remain the pioneer in heart rate controlled programmes. The software in the Tunturi console ensures an accurate, gradual and precise training regime at the pre-set heart rate. This is a prerequisite for physiotherapists, among whom Tunturi has built up an important reputation. That is a secure and reassuring thought for you!


The PSC function is exclusive to Tunturi loopband. This ensures 100% effective training because the programme reacts proactively to the user. That means that when the user wants to run slower, the treadmill reacts immediately by adjusting its speed once you start running
at the back of the mat. The treadmill will of course automatically speed up when you start running at the front. In brief: safe but most of all very efficient for daily training. A truly unique programme from Tunturi that you must experience in person!

The outdoor experience for your indoor training

T-Road™ is a unique motivational programme from Tunturi giving the experience of training outdoors, but inside the home. The user will see, experience and undergo the training through films – including some of the Tuscan landscape – on the user-friendly display. Showing real footage on the display during training sessions is not unique, but the whole T-Road™ concept is many strides ahead!

T-Road™ shows a real-life route through old towns, woods and mountains, with climbs and descents. The exercise bike or crosstrainer responds to the route just as a real bicycle would
outside. The user can follow the route making optimum use of the gears. Experience a tough uphill climb or the ease of a descent; all this is possible with T-Road™. Indeed, the trainer’s settings can be deployed to the full on the journey. The film on display fully reacts
to the performance of the user; so the higher the speed, the faster the film runs on the ample 7-inch screen. An inspiring training session from start to finish. Seeing and experiencing it is living and doing it! The reward is the finishing line as well as the improvement in your health and physical condition in a fantastic way. T-Road™ is a standard feature on the Tunturi top model exercise bikes and crosstrainers. A unique concept that you really must experience for yourself. Ask your Tunturi dealer for details and a demonstration.

Heart Rate Controlled Programmes

Tunturi has a long-standing reputation for its innovative programmes in the field of heart rate measurement and control. Even in its early years, Tunturi developed displays and systems
to measure heart rate with a very high level of accuracy. These many years of knowledge and experience mean that our heart rate measurements on Tunturi trainers are extremely accurate. Your heart and your health are paramount to Tunturi. The essence of fitness lies in efficient and above all safe training. It is with good reason that our slogan at Tunturi is “From the Heart”! It is the bridge between Tunturi’s passion in helping you improve your body’s condition and wellness, making you feel good and look good!

Tunturi has built a reputation for very accurate programmes for heart rate measurement and/or heart rate control over many years. No unambiguous information, no ‘approximate’ data, but accurate measurements. These extremely accurate and proactive programmes are still unique in the hometrainer fitness equipment market. Treat yourself with a Tunturi if you want to train safely and comfortably.

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